The "Paw"tio at Le Marcel Bakery for Dogs

The "Paw"tio at Le Marcel is an outdoor, pooch-friendly space perfect for your furry four-leggers to socialize, munch, and play, play, play! As an exclusive part of The Bakery, it is self-contained, allowing an off-leash environment with synthetic turf (for easy clean up) and plenty of roaming space. Water is refreshed, cookies are sampled, and play time ensues. Comfortable seating with tables are provided for parents and you are encouraged to bring your own treats and drinks (however, all supplies/utensils must be brought along--no human-use items are available at Le Marcel Bakery). Stop by a cafe, grab a coffee and a pastry, and pad down to the Bakery for some treat time with your pup. Though reservations are mandatory for events and parties, reservations are not taken for regular use. Our "Paw"tio can also accommodate your next birthday party or training class graduation and is a perfect location for meet up groups and other recurring events. During your reserved 2-hour window, your party will have exclusive use of the area and it's amenities. You may choose from any of the following days and times:

Friday = 2pm - 4pm; 4pm - 6pm
Saturday = 1pm - 3pm; 3pm - 5pm; 5pm - 7pm
Sunday = 2pm - 4pm; 4pm - 6pm
(Reservations required. For same-day attendance, call the bakery directly at 415-440-2498.)

Notice in case of inclement weather: The "Paw"tio will close in the event of rain, strong winds, or snow. Use of the indoor space will not be permitted. Any "Paw"tio attendees at the time of closure may not loiter within the bakery space.

To schedule an "arrf-ternoon" at The Bakery, please contact us at info@lemarceldogbakery.com and please include the specific date and time requested by your group. We look forward to feeding you soon!

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