About the Bakery

We specialize in made-from-scratch, all-natural, hypo-allergenic treats for dogs. Each treat is hand made and never once touches a machine other than our well-worn food processor and 3-rack oven. As you browse the shelves of carrot cakes and Border Collie Bon Bons, you can actually watch our baker mix, knead, shape, bake, and frost our over 2 dozen rotating “arf”ferings.

We use only raw, human-grade ingredients, sourced from the very same reliable companies as your local bakery, such as grains and mixers from Bob’s Red Mill–a staple on the shelves of every health food store. Since our focus is to source our ingredients as locally as possible, our treats take on seasonal changes as well as alternating through time-tested favorites. You may smell the “Pup”kin “Mutt”fins rising in the oven come Fall or the Cinnamon and Nutmeg-Spiced Gingerbread Men around Christmas.

From Carob-Covered Pooch Pretzels to Honey Ice Cream and Peanut Biscotti to Layered Birthday Cakes, we have something for every pooch palate . . . even those picky pups (you’ll be shocked when your dainty damsel with only a 3-food vocabulary gobbles down a frosting-covered Cupcake)! And, and aside from the goodies, we pride ourselves on carrying the most pup-to-date lines of clothing, collars, bedding, toys, and bath “paw”ducts on the market. Stop in for a fitting and a Muttaroon to see what San Francisco is howling about.


Established in 1998
We began making wholesome, hand-made cookies for our boys, Leo the Long-Haired Dachshund and Marcel the Italian Greyhound. Marcel was sick as a kid and, aside from his bull-headed stubbornness, had little appetite and lagged behind in nutrition. We began experimenting with the simple ingredients in our cupboards (honey, peanut butter, oats, bananas, etc . . .) to bolster his energy and health. Leo, with his jaws of steel and un-ending stomach, and Marcel, with his persnickety attitude and timid curiosity, became our bar-raisers, as it were. Each one constantly challenged us (and still do) to create something even MORE delicious and nutritious. You would be surprised how many batches of Biscotti we went through to find the right balance between tasty-enough-to-entice-Marcel and crunchy-enough-to-slow-down Leo. Little did we know that one day our simple Peanut Mutter Cookies would turn into a fully functioning bakery, turning out everything from tiered wedding cakes to “Pup”kin Brindle.

Seattle welcomed us as their only fresh-made, human-grade dog bakery for over 10 years. Situated in the famous Pike Place Market, we saw pups and hounds from all over the United States, as well as grew a family of our own with dozens of regular tail-waggers padding into The Bakery every day for a lick and a crunch. Our time in Seattle was sweet, but the The Bay Area called us home and in May of 2010, LeMarcel was re-born as the new San Francisco treat!


Leo has been with LeMarcel since it’s inception, which was oddly enough in his mouth. Beginning as a humble taste-tester, his pastry “paw”serverance and munching moxie helped him rise through the ranks of The Bakery to become our Chief Woofer (this title was bestowed in part because of his keen interest in sounding security alerts and his unnatural ability to clean The Bakery floor). Leo is also our table top greeter. Perched as high as possible to survey his kingdom, he watches as other pooches gulp down the tasty goodies that he has deemed worthy.