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SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16th, 11:00 am to 2:00 pm

When Kaisa, a lovely 9-year-old girl who happens to be the daughter of our wonderful neighbors at J Studio, approached us explaining that she would like to raise money to help the poor, homeless dogs and cats of San Francisco . . . we saw a fantastic opportunity. With a bashful grin and highly polished Mary Janes, she wandered into The Bakery, telling us that she and her mom were already organizing a bake sale and working on a few other ideas to benefit the ASPCA. What she really wanted, though, was to have a party that other dogs could come to. She wanted a chance to celebrate the happy homes and loving families of the area while helping those that weren’t so lucky.

We thought “Hey! This kid has the right idea!”

We teamed up with our spectacular friends from J Studio and Blu Bungalow, coating the Pet-It Fours and topping the Mutt-fins, buying the bubbly and plating the cheese trays . . . until finally, our guests arrived thirsty and ready to eat! Our guests of honor, Kaisa and Jet (her mischievous helper) worked the “Paw”tio and treated our four-legged friends while their people sipped mimosas and played the leash dance. We chatted, munched, drank, and (most importantly) raised money for San Francisco’s abused and abandoned pets. What better way to spend an autumn afternoon?

Celebrity Visit

Boo the Pomeranian (self – proclaimed World’s Cutest Dog)

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 22nd, 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Boo the Pomeranian, Facebook phenom and ferociously cute fur-ball, stopped in for a sniff around and
a spot of cake. Armed with only a teddy bear haircut and beguiling personality, Boo captured not only
our hearts but a few cookies to boot. Frosting (as we figured) is the great equalizer . . . even celebs can’t

His busy schedule while visiting fog city still provided time for a tour of our cookie-crankin’ bakery and
even an impromptu fashion show. Check out the devil hot dogging it up below. The cameras flashed,
the video rolled, and the cooing commenced . . . not a face appeared without a smile. The cuteness was
almost too much to bear (no pun intended).

You can check out all the adorability on his very own Facebook page.

The chronicled cuteness is also available here.

Boo Display
Boo Hot Dog